Once And For All, Is It Bad To Wear Makeup Every Day?

August 18, 2016 by Lisa Fogarty
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Your doctor tells you to give your eyes a day’s rest from your contact lenses and you wouldn’t eat fast food every day. So what’s the deal with wearing foundation, blush, powder and highlighter all day every day?

While some may think makeup is bad for your skin, experts disagree; there’s no reason to give your face a break from makeup unless you want to rock a nude look that day.

“In all my years as a makeup artist and esthetician, I believe it is not bad to wear makeup every day,” says Michelle Bouse, who is known as the Hollywood Beauty Girl with Heart. “With that being said, everything in moderation. Actresses wear a lot of makeup daily and often have skin challenges due to the amount of product applied and removed daily on their skin. I believe there are other factors leading to skin problems such as breakouts and pimples; these issues are not necessarily caused by wearing makeup.”

The type of makeup may have a lot more to do with your skin’s health, Bouse says, with some chemical-based and heavier foundations and powders contributing to clogging pores. “I suggest finding a mineral-based makeup that offers the coverage you need,” Bouse says. “Minerals tend to sit on top of the skin (and some containing titanium dioxide are natural SPF) rather than sinking into the skin which can sometimes clog pores if not removed properly. Always apply  moisturizer first and allow it to dry before applying makeup; this can also help with less absorption of makeup into the skin and help to prevent clogs and breakouts.”

Now let’s talk makeup removal, something we should all be doing every single night, no matter what kind of makeup we wear.

“If you wear makeup every day it is essential to maintain a daily deep cleansing ritual that removes the makeup from the skin’s surface and pores, followed by a toner,” says certified aromatherapist and health and wellness expert Gina Kamburowski of Good Living is Glam. If you wear makeup every day, but don’t thoroughly remove makeup from your skin, those clogged pores can block the release of sebum, resulting in blackheads and pimples.”

That good advice extends to the tools you use to create a flawless, perfectly made-up face. “Brushes and sponges absorb oils and dirt that are on your face, so when you reuse those tools, you’re essentially reapplying those oils to your skin,” Kamburowski says. “If you’re using a brush to apply powder or a sponge to apply your foundation, those tools should be cleaned once a week to prevent breakouts.”

At the end of the day, spending some quality time away from your magnifying makeup mirror isn’t a must, but it can be liberating.

“Letting your skin breathe is a good option (and will get you out of the house quicker in the morning),” Bouse says. “I believe we can all use a break from makeup weekly, but not because it is bad for our skin.”

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Lisa Fogarty is a lifestyle writer and reporter based in New York who covers health, wellness, relationships, sex, beauty, and parenting.

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