Runway Recap: It's All Greek To Rami

February 15, 2008 by Bryn
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Here's the latest Runway Recap from SheFinds reader Casey: 

It was supposed to be a double elimination this week, so we were bracing ourselves for the big auf Wiedersehen. It's getting very close to Bryant Park, so we expected our trusty designers to bring out the big guns in this round.

We began with a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we learned that this challenge would be art inspired. This could go in so many directions, this is genius!  They were isolated to three museum areas: Greek & Roman sculpture, European painting, and an Egyptian tomb.

Oh Rami, no….. no no no…. do not fixate on the Greek statues! Do not make the same dress you've made every other challenge! Our screams were not enough to deter him and he decided on a statue of Aphrodite. It was, per Rami, a soulmate situation – no, Rami, it was familiar – there is a difference. Our collective groan and folks in togas rolling over in their graves caused a 6.7 earthquake in Greece.
Everyone else chose inspirations from the European painting section: Sweet P chose a painting of peacocks, Jillian chose a scene with women on horseback wearing armor, and both Christian and Chris chose noble folks painted in oil wearing billowy clothes. We were bummed that no one chose the Egyptian wing – there could have been some interesting things there.  
Before work even began, we were thinking Sweet P and Rami would be let go…

As expected, Rami made the same dress again.  It's impeccable and it's beautiful but it is THE SAME DRESS.  Tim mentioned this and Rami claimed that this is his thing and of course he chose Grecian. Snooze.
Chris seemed to be making a replica of the couture collar he made when teamed with Christian (Christian even remarked on this) – an odd choice. The dress itself was pretty cool, but quite a risk making something so familiar to the judges. And let's talk about the NAP. Chris took A NAP – a highly questionable decision even if he considered his work done. We think he's a bit over-confident from his rags-to-riches win last week.
Jillian's creation was brilliant: a gold lame mini dress with a very structured jacket. She is really proving herself to be a versatile and talented designer. We agree with Heidi: "She's so quiet, but her pieces are not quiet."

We had such high hopes for Sweet P's peacock inspiration. It could have been so couture, so spectacular, so peacock-y. It was none of those things. It was not the worst dress we've ever seen – in fact if we saw it at Dillards or H&M, perhaps we would try it on. It was not high fashion and it was an extreme disappointment.

The judges absolutely gushed over Christian's complicated Spanish nobleman. We wanted to show them our Tivo-ed Seinfeld poufy shirt episode to shake them into reality.
We wholly disagreed with the judges and Christian's win. Jillian and her Joan of Arc were robbed robbed robbed.
We shed no tears when Sweet P was let go. There was no question about it… she was in the bottom two more than she wasn't and she skated as long as she could.
Down to the last two: Rami and Chris. Leave it to Heidi and friends to throw in a last minute twist and keep them both! They will both create lines for Bryant Park but will be judged on their three top creations and only one of them will actually show at Fashion Week. This is quite cruel – very Howard Jones, "You can see the summit but you can't reach it… It's the last piece of the puzzle but you just can't make it fit."  It will either be an army of Addicted-to-Love Greek goddesses or a parade of drag-queen-ready outlandishness. Our hopes are with Chris, partly because we adore the irony that the guy who was auf'ed early on could win it all, partly because his designs are interesting and fun to watch… but mostly because the big lug has grown on us and we like him.
So it will be Christian, Jillian, and a wildcard in the finals.   

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