Here’s Why You Should Never Sleep Without Socks On

October 10, 2017 by Leah Carton
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If you’re anything like me at bedtime, you take your socks off before going to sleep. Sometimes they’re just not the most comfortable to wear, plus you probably especially slip them off after a long day of wearing them. However, I’m about to change my ways and you should too because there’s actually a reason why you should never sleep without socks on at night. Remember, you can always slip out of your worn pair and into a fresh pair before going to bed.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleeping with socks on can result in more sleep. And let’s be honest, we could all use more time spent sleeping, and less time spent tossing and turning all night. Let’s get to the root of the problem– why is it so difficult for you to fall asleep at night? By any chance, are your feet ice cold when you slip into bed? If so, socks are your go-to answer for more reasons than just heating up your feet.


The National Sleep Foundation’s website further explains that warm feet, thanks to having socks on, causes vasodilation, or dilation of your blood vessels, which gives clues to your brain that it’s time to go to sleep. “After the blood vessels open in the hands and feet, heat is redistributed throughout the body to prepare for sleep,” the website reads.

Now, take a moment to think about the way you feel when your body is warm versus when you feel cold. You’re more alert and awake when you’re chilly, right? While, being tucked under a heated blanket typically knocks you out right away at night. So, it does make sense that warming your cold feet can result in more and better sleep.

Simply put, Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, A.P. DOM, further explains why this bedtime habit is so effective for more sleep to Reader’s Digest. “Cold impedes the flow of energy and heat or warmth encourages it. If you think about a warm bath you relax, and in cold water you tense up,” Elizabeth says. “Cold creates stagnation which can also lead to pain (think Reynaud’s Syndrome),” she adds.


Believe it or not, certain socks are better to wear to bed than others. So, you should think twice before putting on that old pair of fuzzy socks. Healthline dives into the best fabrics and materials you should put on your feet at nighttime. According to Healthline, you should opt for “natural soft fibers” like merino wool or cashmere socks. It’s essential to remember avoid putting on a pair of socks that’s too tight, which could ultimately cut off your circulation from flowing properly.

We’ve got all of the best bedtime tips that you need for your most amazing night’s sleep yet. For more tips, make sure to check out before-bed habits you should adopt to sleep better at nightsimple stretches to do before bed so you can be well-rested in the morning, and the one reason you shouldn’t sleep with your iPhone.

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