You're Doing It Wrong: Putting On Perfume

June 20, 2013 by Jenn Rice
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Do you casually spray on your favorite perfume before walking out the door? Well, chances are, you’re doing it wrong. While you may not think it’s important, there’s actually a method of putting on perfume. After all, you don’t want your fragrance to show up in the room before you even arrive. There are a few fragrance rules to abide by in order to avoid fumigating your co-workers and boyfriend with your perfume. Check out these 6 fail-proof tips below–including ways to make your scent last longer:

1. No matter how many times you’ve seen your mom rub her wrists together after spritzing herself down with Chanel No. 5, don’t do it. The friction actually crushes the fragrance molecules and breaks down the scent.

2. Pulse points are key. In case you’re clueless, pulse points can be found on the wrists, base of your throat, behind your ears and in the bend of your arms and knees. These spots give off heat and act like mini diffusers throughout the day, slowly releasing the scent.

3. Perfume should always be applied before you put on your clothes and jewelry, as it may leave stains on certain fabrics and metals. Applying perfume before getting dressed will also make your clothing last longer.

4. Spraying perfume directly onto your hair brush is a great way to smell lovely without being too over powering. The perfume clings to the natural oils in your hair. We learned this fun tip from beauty heiress Aerin Lauder!

5. If you accidentally overspray and start smelling like a fragrance factory, wipe the over-saturated areas with a baby wipe.

6. Fragrances should not be exposed to bright sunlight, as it can damage the scent. Make sure to store them in a cool, dark area.

We’ve also heard that Halle Berry sprays her perfume between her thighs. She claims that it “heats up and the aroma rises up all day long.” We’re dying to hear how it works, so let us know if you’ve tried this before.

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