Charlize Theron As 80s Spy Lorraine Broughton From Atomic Blonde Is A No-Brainer Halloween Costume

October 3, 2017 by Justine Schwartz
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Dressing up as an undercover agent for Halloween is hot–and Charlize Theron AS an undercover agent is even hotter. That’s why your Halloween costume this year should be none other than Charlize’s latest role–Lorraine Broughton in Atomic Blonde. The sexy spy action thriller that came out this summer and is going to be big for the holiday because the digital release is October 24, 2017–just days before Halloween. Based on the graphic novel The Coldest City, the movie adaption already has a cult following and a killer female lead. This is Halloween gold!

In the Cold War-era film, Theron plays MI6 agent Broughton–complete with a platinum blonde wig, dark sunglasses and trench–making the costume extremely sexy and SO EASY. You might even own half the items needed for the costume. Here’s exactly how to do it:

1. Who is Atomic Blonde, aka Agent Lorraine Broughton?

First, get inspired by watching the trailers for the film. Once you learn more about the character, you’ll definitely want to be her for Halloween. In the trailer, you see Charlize showing off her action chops–she studied martial arts and did other “intense” training to prep. She even did her own stunts! The chick is so bad a$$ she makes the perfect Halloween costume:

The director of the film David Leitch has said that Theron impressed everyone on the film by being able to do more than 20 moves without before needing another take. So cool! The character Lorraine Broughton is an “expert in escape and evasion”–aka she can fight her way out of any corner. Cue Queen’s “Killer Queen.”  Now that you’ve gotten the whole undercover-agent-in-Berlin vibes, now you can prep the costume.

Pre-order Atomic Blonde on Blue Ray from Amazon now.

2. The Perfect Blonde Wig

If you have blonde hair, great–but you still might want to spring for a wig because Lorraine has really platinum hair. Like, even blonder than Charlize’s own natural color. Plus, the hair is shoulder-length, wavy and requires bangs–so, if you want to look *exactly* like the character, definitely opt for a wig. This one we found on Amazon is perfect. Plus, it’s fun to wear wigs! Kapish?atomic blonde wig for halloween costume

Blonde wig from Amazon ($17.99)

2. A trench coat

Obviously, spies wear trenches (or at least, according to Hollywood), and Charlize wears so many good ones in this 80s-inspired film. Costume designer Cindy Evans dressed her in a custom white John Galliano coat, a Burberry trench, a vintage Max Mara coat, and more. For the costume, you can get away with wearing any sleek belted trench you already own–or I found one on Amazon that should work well:

atomic blonde halloween costume trench coat

Double-breasted trench (from $31.99)

3. Sunglasses

Obviously, you’ll need dark sunglasses to go undercover. If you own Ray-Ban Wayfarers or any other dark square frames, that should work great. Charlize wore these exact Saint Laurent sunglasses in the film–but I also found you a cheaper look-alike pair on Amazon:

atomic blonde halloween costume sunglasses

Black Wayfarer Sunglasses ($17.98)

4. Tall boots

Charlize wore thigh-high Stuart Weitzman boots in the film, but if you don’t have an extra $500 laying around, I found a cheaper look-alike pair on Amazon, too. You’ll need these for all the a$$-kicking you’re going to do:

Thigh high boots (from $29.99)

So, there you have it–everything you need to for an Atomic Blonde Halloween costume! Now, we leave you with this parting gift:


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