The One Drink You Should Have Right Before Bed To Speed Up Your Metabolism & Burn Calories Fast

September 27, 2019 by Lisa Fogarty
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Your bedtime snack can also include a bedtime beverage — one that helps you wind down and relax, while also giving your metabolism a nice little boost.

Most teas and coffee — beverages celebrated for their metabolism-boosting powers — aren’t going to cut it at night because the last thing you want is to experience the effects of caffeine.

But this is the one drink you should have right before bed to speed up your metabolism and burn calories.

green tea

You may have heard a great deal about how green tea is the one beverage backed by studies that can boost your metabolism and increase your body’s thermogenic conditions, which means its ability to burn more calories. And while this is true, and it may seem like a hot, soothing cup of tea before bed is a good idea, its caffeine content (yep, it has caffeine) may keep you up at night.

A much, much better option? Milk — warm or cold, whatever you prefer.


Assuming you are not allergic to lactose and are following a diet that allows you to have dairy, a cup of warm milk (or cold milk) contains two nutrients that help boost your metabolism for better weight loss outcomes: calcium and protein.

According to Very Well Fit: “Dairy products are known as metabolism boosters mostly because they contain both protein and calcium. Put those two nutrients together and they help keep your muscle mass intact while promoting weight loss.”


Just as with green tea, there are studies that back the notion that calcium is important for your metabolism. In a National Dairy Council-funded study, it was discovered that a diet high in calcium and low in calories boosted fat loss by 42%, compared to only 8% for just a low-calorie diet, reports Everyday Health.

“Studies also show that dairy lovers are less likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome, whose symptoms include high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, poor blood sugar control and increased abdominal obesity – all factors that increase risk of diabetes and heart disease,” according to Everyday Health.


Healthy Banana and Chocolate Shake

Looking for a little midnight beverage snack that not only contains calcium, but also antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and bananas, which are a source of magnesium (which helps you sleep better)? Look no further than this delicious, healthy shake. You’ll need just three ingredients:


Cocoa Powder

Frozen bananas


Lisa Fogarty is a lifestyle writer and reporter based in New York who covers health, wellness, relationships, sex, beauty, and parenting.

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