Find Out What Your Hairline Says About You

March 8, 2016 by Isabel Jones
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Hairlines are so weird. They’re such a unique physical trait, but we basically never talk about them. Well, the inequality WILL NOT STAND. Today, we put an end to hairlines’ silence and we analyze their meaning. What does your hairline say about you?

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A) Round

If your hairline is round, you’re a perfectionist — but you already knew that. You want things to go your way, not because you have an inflated ego, but because you’ve worked out every detail so far in advance that you know your answer is the right one. Your stubbornness gets on people’s nerves — A LOT — but when your idea proves the most logical, they usually come around.

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B) Corners

If your hairline has defined corners but lacks a widow’s peak, you are a bit of a dreamer. You hate to admit it, but you absolutely love romantic comedies and cheesy romance novels. You’re a sucker for a happy ending! Of course, your expectations of yourself are similarly far-reaching. You want it ALL. A healthy ambition is great, but it’s important that you focus on reality. Instead of imagining what you’d buy if you were a millionaire, go out and take the steps to become one!

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C) Widow’s Peak (“M”)

If you have a widow’s peak, you’re highly logical and loathe to act on personal bias. Like your symmetrical hairline, you tend to approach things from both sides, never favoring one over the other. This behavior annoys your friends to no end — sometimes they just want you to take their side! Keeping this is mind, try to be as patient and understanding as possible when dealing with and describing your viewpoints to others.

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D) Triangular

If you have a triangular hairline, you’re a rebel to the core. Fitting in has never been high on your priority list, and doing what’s expected falls even lower. You’re always coming up with new ways to challenge the status quo, and that’s exactly why people love you. Your unfiltered opinions can come off as cruel, but you’re the one your friends turn to when they want the hard truth.

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