The One Mistake You’re Making That’s KILLING Your iPhone Battery

November 26, 2018 by Justine Schwartz
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We all know that the more streaming and social apps we load on your phones and the more we use them on a daily basis, the faster our battery dies. Especially as the lithium battery starts to age. But did you know that there’s one simple mistake we’re making every night that certainly isn’t helping much either? What is it?

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Not Turning Your Phone Off

Nothing can kill an iPhone then never turning it off and giving it a chance to rest," Keri LeBlanc, marketing director of CyberDefenses, tells us. Yikes! We had no idea. Raise your hand if you can't remember the last time you turned your iPhone off. (Raises hand.)

So, how often do you need to turn your iPhone off, according to experts? “[Your] phone needs to be turned off at least once a week or your battery will lose its life,” she warns.

But I use my phone as my alarm, you say. Well, don't sleep on the old-fashioned solution for that, Keri advises.

“Many people use their phones as an alarm clock, but experts suggest getting a cheap alarm instead and saving your iPhone's life span,” she says. Fascinating!

TLDR: you need to pick one day a week to turn off your iPhone at night, because it's killing your battery not to.

More iPhone Battery Mistakes

What are other surprising mistakes you’re making that are killing the battery?

Letting your battery die (it’s better to keep it charged), charging a battery to 100% (a battery functions best at 40-80% charge), charging it overnight (again, too much charge is not a good thing) and overheating your phone (heavy cases can do this!). All of these tips are courtesy of

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