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What Your Wedding Venue Says About You

August 10, 2016 by Linda DiProperzio
shefinds | Weddings

Like everything else you choose for the big day, your venue can offer guests a lot of insight into your unique style and personality–and what they can expect from your wedding. Find out what your venue says about you below.

A Hotel Ballroom

It’s hard to get more refined than a hotel ballroom, and the bride that chooses this as her venue definitely has a classic style. She wants a traditional wedding with all of the bells and whistles–this location is typically not for brides on a tight budget.

A Rustic Barn

This bride is into more of a shabby chic look for her big day. She wants to be surrounded by nature while still getting to add personal touches to the space, such as lots of vintage lighting, mismatched place settings and a lounge area for guests to relax in.

An Art Gallery

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a bride who chooses to get married at an art museum has a creative side. Her wedding is sure to be a one-of-a-kind event filled with unique touches, such as out-of- the-box entertainment and imaginative food stations.

Your Parents’ Backyard

Brides who choose an at-home wedding are sentimental–nothing is more important to her than her family and closest friends. Since the backyard is essentially a blank space, it makes for the perfect opportunity for a truly personalized affair where you can honor your history, as well as celebrate your new life together.

A Vineyard

The bride who chooses a winery for her wedding loves the finer things in life, but she is anything but stuffy. A vineyard blends the best of both worlds: You’re surrounded by lush nature while also having a sophisticated indoor space to celebrate–and it’s guaranteed that the wine won’t stop flowing the entire time.

The Beach

This locale is for the laid back bride who wants a no-frills, casual wedding day, surrounded by her nearest and dearest. The beach bride is more concerned with having fun on her big day than spending hours figuring out the decor and putting together favors.

An Outdoor Garden

Saying I do in a lush, colorful garden is for the bride who appreciates Mother Nature, and also has a serious romantic streak. After all, flowers are one of the major ways we show our love and appreciation for others, so it makes sense that this would be the main décor for this bride’s big day.

A Castle

Believe it or not, there are several castle venues around the US. The bride who gets married at one of these locations definitely wants to fulfill her fantasy of being a princess for the day. She loves being the center of attention and wants her wedding day to be a dream come true.

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