A Find: Thongs With No Strings Attached... Literally

July 30, 2007 by Bryn
shefinds |

As I grew up and graduated to thong underwear, I could often hear my grandmother audibly protesting to my mother in the next room: "How in God's name does she wear those things! So tiny! Why even wear underwear at all?!" I still roll my eyes when thinking about my grandmother's prudish take on a perfectly practical innovation. But recently, while reading an article in the Daily Mail, I finally got a glimpse of what my grandmother must have felt during our shopping trips so many years ago.

The article profiled the so-called C-string, a thong with, quite literally, no strings attached. Rather than a "traditional" G-string, the C-string consists only of the front part of a thong-style pair of underwear, held up with a small piece of wire at the back. Conjuring up images of my Barbie-doll snap-on-clothing days, the idea of the C-string is that you pop it on using the wire, and it stays put without the strings.

According to the promotional blurb, it is "sexy, elegant and completely unique." Their claim — legitimate for anyone who has battled to conceal thong lines under a clingy mini-dress — is that you wear it with outfits that demand a nonexistent panty-line but also underwear (Britney, are you reading?), or even as a protective measure with swimwear to avoid unfortunate tan lines.

The Mail reporter, who road-tested the C-string, seemed less than impressed, claiming that "You need the limbs of Elle Macpherson to carry this look off" and "I’m afraid I just look as though I’m not wearing anything, which frankly looks worse." Apparently the C-string is more realistic for red-carpet goers than real-life women. But hey, if this could spare me even one more picture of Britney Spears' crotch, I'm all for it.

Price: $20

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