Why You Should Never Charge Your iPhone At An Airport

October 26, 2017 by Lisa Fogarty
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About to hop on a flight to a fun place and thinking about giving your iPhone a quick charge before you board the plane? All of those airport charging stations may be tempting you — what could go wrong? In all likelihood, your device will come out unscathed after a quick charge at an airport USB port. But you're still taking a big risk every time you charge your phone in a public port — here's why charging your iPhone at an aiport is one of the riskiest moves of all.


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The Risks Of Charging Your Phone At An Airport

If you think about how many people pass through airports on a daily basis, it's simple to see how easy it could be for just one hacker to compromise a USB port at a public charging station. And all it takes is one iPhone user who wants to charge up before a flight to fall victim to a hack. 


Hackers can access your phone's data in just seconds and that breach of privacy can lead to them acquiring all kinds of personal and financial information that can wreak havoc on your life. They may be able to steal your passwords, contacts, and even photos and text messages. And, again, all of this can happen in just a few minutes after you plug your device into a compromised charger or power strip. 


A Better Option: Buy A Portable USB Battery Pack

Don't let yourself be caught off guard and in need of a random phone charger. Instead, invest in a portable USB battery pack and make it a habit to keep an extra Apple charger in your carry-on luggage. The better prepared you are, the less reliant you'll be on risky public charging stations. 


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